Why Choose NewCherryMaster...?

Besides the Fact that Our Objective is to Make you Double the Money over Everyone Else...

We are a Manufacturer and Distributor for all Management Customers!
We Designed, Invented, and Manufacture...
The GenX Boardy-Ready Cabinet
The Player's Choice Credit Management System
and The Xtreme Gaming Platform,
The Most Advanced Video Slot Software in the World!!!
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We reserve the right to decline and refund any purchases made by Non-Management customers,
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Why pay extra for a Steel Cabinet you ask?

My customers average a 25% to over 400% higher profit margin after replacing their existing wood cabinets.


Well, a 25% to 33% increase is proven to be because of the cabinet, the additional increase is because I'm there for my customer. After purchasing from NewCherryMaster or one of my distributors I'm with you for the long haul.

Not only can I help you fix most issues over the phone but I also know how to operate this equipment to maximize profits. If you think this equipment is like a Ronco Rotisserie – “Set It And Forget It” your typically losing 75% of your potential profits. By knowing the right games, the right settings, and the right time and way to make changes you can get all those losses back. Not to mention the environment you operate in, the service you provide, and the promoting you should be doing. Who else can go that extra mile?

The Players Choice Credit System

The Player Choice Credit System is the first of its kind Modular Credit System. The First System that acts as:

  • A Centralized Printer System for up to 99 machines
  • A Phone Time Sweepstakes System
  • A Card Reader System for up to 99 machines and expandable
  • A Remote Credit Transfer System for up to 99 machines and expandable
  • A Machine-linked Programmable Jackpot "FreePlay Bonus" Option
  • A Full Player & Machine Tracking Software System
  • A Full Marketing Software Platform
  • A Full Accounting Software Platform

No longer will you have the high cost to convert all your machines but rather just add each modular platform that you want to operate with some options added with nothing more than a few keystrokes on the keypad.

The Xtreme Gaming Platform

The Xtreme Gaming Platform is the first Completely Modular Object Orientated Video Slot Program to be produced today.  With the most complex and advanced win engine programming we are now able to create a video slot that has not only been the first to advance to the technology expectations of the player, but it has advanced the video slot experience beyond any expectation of the public today.  With the advancement of technology we can now provide the player with a video slot experience beyond their entertainment value / dollar. 

Some things that are considered in every design process:

  • On-site Durability
  • Ease of Service
  • Simplicity of Installation
  • Security of Programming and Money
  • Quality of Components to reduce service calls
  • Real-life functionality
  • Overall Installed Appearance