The GenX Board-Ready Cabinet

All Cabinet Sales must get Pre-Approval...Failure to do so may result in order cancellation.
Our Products are custom manufactured for Management customers in order to achieve doubling their profits.
Call (414) 975-6784 for Details and Preapproval
GenX Board-Ready Cabinets (Solid Steel)
*To Complete Cabinet purchase add the appropriate 
shipping option to cart for each cabinet ordered

 $1500 - Cabinet Only
Light Option:

UPS Ground
(Cabinet Only or w/ Swivel Base)
 $125.00 / Unit
$1550 - Cabinet & Swivel Base 
Light Option:
UPS Ground
(w/ Optional Stand):  
$250.00 / Unit
$1700 - Cabinet & Sculpted Stand (24" Chair Height) 
Light Option:

Local Installation
(w/ prior approval):
$250.00 / Unit
$1700 - Cabinet & Sculpted Stand (30" Stool Height) 
Light Option:

 Pick-Up:  Free  

Optional Cabinet Upgrades
(Prices are for New Cabinet Orders Only - Prices reflect Upcharge Only)

 GenX Restricted Keyway Option
(Exclusive Protected Keycode)

 GenX Extra Keys
(Each Order Comes with 2 Keys)
 Aluminum Cupholder Installed In Stand Base $50.00
 ICT GP-58CR Thermal Printer
(Includes Programming, Wiring, & Installation)
 LCD Touchscreen Upgrade  $300.00

Replacement Parts for Cabinets

LCD Monitors
 15 Inch USB/Serial Dual-Sinking Touchscreen LCD Monitor $395.00

Credit Management Parts & Accessories
ICT PA7 Dollar Bill Acceptor
 110v, 500 Bill Cartridge - Accepts $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 
 Electronic Coin Comparer  $50.00
 ICT GP-58CR Thermal Printer $230.00

Misc Components
 Replacement Power Supply $50.00

6 Button Door Panel Set $30.00
 Ticket Button $5.00
KeyOut Lock & Mount Panel
 (in Lieu of Ticket Button)
 KeyOut Lock Key (Gray Key) $5.00  
 GenX Printer Plate Cover $15.00
 GenX Coin Mech Mounting Cover $15.00
 GenX 36/10 pin Wire Harness  $50.00
 GenX Stool Height Stand $225.00
 GenX Chair Height Stand $225.00
GenX Replacement Door $150.00
Door Configuration